Health Benefits of Raspberries


Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, raspberries are delicious fruits with many health benefits. They have a high concentration of ellagic acid, a phenolic compound that helps lower the risk of cancer.

The oil from raspberries has a sun protection factor.Furthermore, it helps prevent obesity and fatty liver disease and also has anti-aging properties. By improving your immune system, these berries look after your overall health. These are easy to include in your diet. Raspberries can be included in your diet by using them in recipes, eating them raw, or adding them chilled to your drinks. Except for all the forms that you include raspberries to tantalize your taste buds, and provide you health and nutrition benefits at the same time!


Benefits of Raspberries 

  1. Weight loss & Gut Health
  2.  Prevent Macular Degeneration
  3.  Anticancer Potential & Infection Prevention
  4.  Promote Optimal Health
  5.  Promote Feminine Health
  6. Strengthen the Immune System
  7. High Nutrient Value
  8. Maintain Cardiovascular Health
  9. Enhance Fertility And Improve Sexual Health
  10. Boost Eye Health
  11. Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  12. Boost Your Memory
  13. Help Slow Down Aging
  14. Improve Digestion
  15. Alleviate Arthritis
  16. Promotes Health Of Tissues And Blood Vessels
  17. Improve Hair Health
  18. Helps Fight Eczema

How to Buy & Store Raspberries?


Raspberries are highly perishable, thus you can purchase them only one or two days before use. Select the berries that are firm, fleshy, and dark in color. Always avoid the ones which are soft, mushy or moldy. If you are buying berries that are already packed in a container, ensure that they are not packed too tightly as the package can crush the berries and damage them. The container also should not have any stains or moisture, which indicates spoilage. Fresh ones are usually available from summertime through the beginning of fall.

Raspberries are easily perishable fruits, so a great deal of care should be taken while storing them. Before storing in the refrigerator, pick up and discard the berries that are molded or spoiled to avoid other berries from spoiling. Place the unwashed, dry berries back in their original container or keep them lined with a paper towel and then cover it with a plastic wrap. They will stay fresh in the refrigerator for one or two days; never keep raspberries at room temperature or in strong sunlight for too long, it will spoil them quickly.

Raspberries have no.of health benefits, therefore demand of Raspberries from other countries , means Export of Raspberries from India has increased