Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Many restaurants serve it routinely, and some people start their day with lemon water instead of coffee or tea. There’s no doubt lemons are delicious, but does adding them to water make you healthier?


Much of the evidence supporting lemon water’s health benefits is anecdotal. Little scientific research has been done specifically on lemon water, but research exists on the benefits of lemon and water separately.
Here are seven ways your body may benefit from lemon water.


Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
  1. It promotes hydration
  2. It’s a good source of vitamin C
  3. It supports weight loss
  4. It improves your skin quality
  5. It aids digestion
  6. It freshens breath
  7. It helps prevent kidney stones
  8. Give your immune system a boost
  9. Excellent source of potassium
  10. Aid digestion
  11. Cleanse your system
  12. Keep your skin blemish-free
  13. Reduce inflammation
  14. Give you an energy boost
  15. Help to cut out caffeine
  16. Help fight viral infections


Research shows lemon water has many potential health benefits. Aside from those, adding lemon to your water may help you drink more throughout the day and keep you hydrated. Staying hydrated is critical to good health, so lemon water is pretty much a win-win.


Lemon have no.of health benefits, therefore demand of Lemon from other countries , means Export of Lemon from India has increased.